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Prices include the shoes & design. Shipping is not included.

Pricing Estimates

Nike AF1s

2 Characters / Design: $250+

- Ex: Star Wars, Avatar, Great Wave

- Includes one design on each side of the outer shoe panel, matching swoosh on the inner part of the shoes, and matching accents ("air" symbol, heel stitching)

Color Block: $185-$200

-Ex: crème de la crème, coffee

- Panels painted with your choice of 1 - 5 colors.

- Optional: painted sock liner +$10

Other Shoes

I can usually customize any shoe, you just have to ask! The best materials are canvas and leather. This includes other styles of Vans (old skool lace-up, high top, etc.), Nike Cleats, Air Jordans, Birkenstocks, Converse, Toms, etc.

I can also customize bags, jackets, jeans, water bottles anything you can imagine!

Vans Slip-On

2 Characters: $240

- Ex: album covers, Avatar, Rick & Morty

- Includes solid, gradient, splatter, or simple pattern background with 2 different characters, one on each shoe. Heel / toe box outline painted with matching colors.

- Custom heel design available upon request

Logo (college, business, etc.): $170-$200+

- Includes a large-scale replica of the chosen logo on both shoes

-Price is dependent upon the detail & complexity of the logo

- Solid color background is optional +$10

Why So Expensive?

The prices above include the cost of shoes, high-quality paint, and supplies, in addition to the time, skill, and effort put into each hand-painted pair. I spend between 6-18 hours on most pairs, which is reflected in the prices. Therefore, my prices may be higher than screen printed or stenciled items that are mass produced. With this, each pair comes with an equal amount of love:)

Kids Shoes

2 Character / Logo Vans: $200+

2 Character / Logo AF1s: $210+

Color Block AF1s: $130

- With kids shoes, I always recommend sizing up. It is better to have a pair they can grow into than ones that won't fit at all!

- Prices vary depending on size. For most brands, infant, toddler, and kids sizes are available. Larger pairs may have similar pricing as men/women sizes, and infant shoes are likely to be less than these averages.

Exact Quotes

This is a guide to give you a rough estimate, but for exact pricing, fill out the contact form or send me an email including specifics of your desired customs.


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